Faculty of Arts and SciencesTranslation and Interpreting (French Language)

Translation and Interpreting (French Language)


Marmara University French Translation-Interpretation Department

Established in 2006 as conjoint of Marmara University Vocational School of Foreign Languages, the French Translation-Interpretation Department has been an undergraduate program of 4 years located in the Faculty of Science and Literature since 2008.The purpose of this program is to raise translators who can improve cultural, political, economic and technologic relationships, who can forge links between languages, cultures or communities as the importance given to translations keep increasing in the developing world. The education language of the program is French and the curriculum of the department is formed of language, field and interdisciplinary studies. Our department provides compulsory English lessons and optional Spanish or German lessons available by the 5th academic term. Our graduates can find jobs as Translator-Interpreter in any public and private enterprises.



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