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Translation and Interpreting (French Language)

Distance Education

In our University, courses written below are instructed by distance education. Students can follow their distance education courses via Distance Education Website (http://uzem.marmara.edu.tr) by entering their user credentials.  

  • TRD120 (Turkish Language) First Semester
  • TRD121(Turkish Language) First Semester
  • TRD122(Turkish Language) Second Semester
  • ATA120 (History of Turkish Revolution) First Semester
  • ATA121 (History of Turkish Revolution) First Semester
  • ATA122 (History of Turkish Revolution) Second Semester
  • YDZI121 (English Language) First Semester
  • YDZI122 (English Language) First Semester
  • YDZI131 (English Language) Second Semester
  • YDZI132 (English Language) Second Semester


For more information, visit :

Marmara University Application of Distance Education, Application and Research Center Guide Lines(turkish)

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